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About SAAR

Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue Inc. operates as a non-profit entity, wholly driven by dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to secure lifelong homes for animals that have been abandoned, found homeless, or given up. At present, all our animals are lovingly housed in foster settings. We’re excitedly working on our permanent shelter, which is set to open its doors in early 2024.

Our Mission:

The Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue provides care, comfort, and compassion to homeless and abandoned companion animals while engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of our community, in order to promote the humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy, and services.

Our Vision:

To manage the Steinbach and area pet population and control disease within our community and surrounding area.

Our Success Stories

Pet Story #1

I’d wanted to foster for a long time. I loved my own fur babies dearly, but realized that I had so much more to give. Being a HCA, I had a lot of love and care to distribute with the ability to let go in touch sitations, so it seemed like a good fit. After being unable to continue in my profession, the desire to foster grew and I finally convinced my hubby to hop on board! Becoming a foster fail now on my first run kinda blew a hole in my whole plan though. But I hope to convince him again in the future!

Pet Story #2

I had wanted to foster for at least the past 4 years and finally felt it was the right time, just this past month. We have 3 cats of our own, a dog, a budgie, chickens, and 3 younger kids, so I thought our hose would be great for acclimatizing kittens. We are loving our foster kitties, and one in particular I so badly want to adopt, but I’m trying to convince myself to keep going with the original fostering plan. Send help. lol

Pet Story #3

We follow a lot of rescues on Instagram and donate supplies when we can. We bought our house this fall and finally had the space to give back. SAAR was the first rescue to pop up the day we decided to apply.

Pet Story #4

I started fostering when living in Winnipeg many years ago. I also did pet visits to various shelters in Winnipeg. When I moved to Steinbach, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do, so I applied to SAAR and was accepted to be a foster parent. Wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Thanks SAAR for accepting me.

Pet Story #5

My Foster Story: My husband and I tried for years to have kids. Due to medical issues, it turned not possible. We attempted adoption and in 2019 we were chosen as parents for a little girl.

We had her for about 5 weeks when her biological family changed their mind and we had to give her back. The summer of 2019 was hard and we needed a way to heal. I had been following SAAR on Facebook and saw the rescue needed fosters. My husband and I felt that this was a great opportunity to heal and we had so much love to give. What better way than to a poor animal that just needs love and safety.

Pet Story #6

I started fostering after seeing the post of Pugsley on the SAAR Facebook page. Subsequently, I ended up getting Pugsley to foster without actually asking for him specifically. Unfortunately he passed a few days after I got him but it just made it so clear how necessary it is to foster and help animals. Since then, I have had one adopted and 3 currently in care and love each like my own.

Pet Story #7

I saw an advertisement on Facebook and wanted to teach my cat to be more social around other cats. Once she gets used to a new cat, then she enjoys playing with them and isn’t lonely when I’m at work.

Pet Story #8

We had 1 cat … then I adopted 2 cats from SAAR in 2018 and 2019. After that, my husband said no more cats. Fostering was an alternative to adopting more. Newsflash … We have since “foster failed” 2 more so now we have 5 cats and continue to foster. lol and long story short, my husband is a softie!

Pet Story #9

I started fostering two years ago when I caved to Michelle’s request to take on some kittens. She promptly showed up at my door with a bag of chow, pellet litter, milk replacer, cat bed, toys, and 4 very young kittens. I have doing it pretty much since. I have 5 cats (2 “foster fails”) and two dogs of my own so it can get a bit crowded. But it’s always worth it, no matter how hard it can be at times to see them go.

Pet Story #10

I started fostering cats in Alberta and about a year after I moved here, I saw a post needing people to foster bunnies and I wanted to see how a bunny was to have as a pet.

Pet Story #11

We wanted to open up a space for animals that were meant for someone they hadn’t had the chance to meet yet. We show them love and trust and get them to their best selves so they are ready for their furever homes.

Pet Story #12

I moved to a home in the country just outside of Steinbach in 2013. Cat kept appearing in our yard and we kept trapping them and fixing them and finding family or barn homes.

We soon realized that this was unsustainable, as cats kept appearing. One day I saw a fundraiser for SAAR and contacted them and started volunteering, and with the amazing support of the rescue, I have been a part of hundreds of rescues.

I wish more people could know how fulfilling being a part of animal rescue is. To anyone out there who wants to know this joy, please contact SAAR and someone will be happy to answer any questions!

Pet Story #12

For us, it was the Piston’s Pups litter, fostered 2 at first and others of their siblings at times as well. Ended up adopting one! We try to make donations to put towards vet bills, or other requirements when we are able to. We also fostered a few kittens and ended up adopting 2 lol. So now we have a full house of 5 cats and 3 dogs, all of them rescues and foster finds.

Pet Story #13

A few weeks after my last dog died, I found out I had stage 4 cancer. I didn’t think getting another animal was ethical. I realized fostering was flexible enough to work around my desire to knock off my bucket list trips while I still can, while still getting the fur cuddles that I long for. It also gives me a sense of feeling like I’m giving back and keeps me from going to dark places.

I have moved and am no longer in a position to foster, but still like to help out as much as I can by driving cats around when their fosters aren’t able, and potentially house/cat sitting if needed.

Pet Story #14

I went through a difficult separation and I was looking for something to get me out of a funk. I got in touch with Michelle and got a kitten right away … I foster failed almost right away too! I have counted 27 fosters from all the pics and videos that my phone has … the most I had at one time was 9 fosters! It’s so rewarding to go through the hard work and then see them go off to furever homes!

Pet Story #15

We have adopted 2 cats through SAAR, and unfortunately our first ever fur baby Flint passed away in April 2023. Since then, we have battled with the idea of fostering or adopting another cat, and we finally got the perfect opportunity we couldn’t pass up to foster, and I so happy we did!

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Details of the building. Projected to open in early 2024.

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