If you have found an animal within the City of Steinbach, please call Rural Animal Management Services (RAMs) at 204-223-5521, the Steinbach City Hall at 204-326-9877, or the Steinbach Bylaw Officer at 204-346-6561.

Sponsor SAAR

Our Heartfelt Thanks to our Sponsors

In the journey of rescue and rehabilitation, our sponsors are the unsung heroes whose support is as steadfast as it is silent. It is with immense gratitude that we extend our thanks from the deepest reaches of our hearts—and from the gentle purrs and contented wags of the animals whose lives you’ve transformed. Your commitment lights the path to hope and healing for countless souls.

Each sponsor becomes part of the SAAR family, a unique tapestry woven with generosity and compassion. Your contributions provide a sanctuary for the voiceless, nurturing them back to health and happiness until they find their forever homes.

Our Sponsors

Clearspring Animal Hospital
Graydon Veterinary Corporation
Pet Valu
South-east Veterinary Hospital and Niverville Animal Hospital
Friesen Drillers
Funk's Toyota
Tango Cannabis
Heather & Carl Fast - Sponsors
Gloria Delorme
Heather & Carl Fast
Karen and Rick Funk
Kim Friesen

A Call to Potential Sponsors

We invite you to join this noble cause and pledge your support to SAAR. By becoming a sponsor, you’re not just giving a donation; you’re giving a second chance to the most vulnerable among us. Your sponsorship can be the difference between hardship and a happy ending.

Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Your involvement can take many forms—from financial aid to services and goods—all equally valuable in our mission to rescue, care for, and re-home animals in need.

Together, we can continue to create miracles every day. If you’re moved to be a part of this life-changing work, please reach out to us. Let’s make a difference, hand in paw, for a brighter tomorrow.

Rescue Sponsorship Opportunities

Chase the Ace
Shelter Shower